Indiana Farm Fence    


Types of Fence

There are several types of farm fence available today. Modern Hi-Tensile wire is the most economical, and we can install several thousand feet per day if the conditions are good.  Coated Hi-Tensile is a good choice if horses are involved.  It is more visible, and less likely to injure an animal.  There are several choices when it comes to woven wire.  We like to use Hi-Tensile woven wire for its durability.  Board fence can be constructed in a three or four board configuration, with or without face boards.  We use both Oak and Poplar boards, depending on the customers request.  We use all Southern Yellow Pine posts, pressure treated to a minimum of .40 lbs/cu ft of CCA. Selection of post size will also have an impact of the price of your fence.  Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions about choosing the right fence for your animals.


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